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Our Response to the Bear Attack!

March 15, 2015 - As you may remember, last month we received a Cease & Desist letter from BEAR NAKED (owned by Kellogg), containing many unpleasant accusations... including trademark infringement & cybersquatting.  (Link to Original Letter)

Let me reiterate that we take legal matters very seriously, and we've thoroughly investigated their claims.  
Initially, we believed their accusations to be baseless.
... but upon further investigation, we confirmed our belief that they are baseless.

Here's what Hitham has to say:

“We felt that they (Kellogg) were trying to scare us out of the marketplace. Even with their nonsensical accusations, a company like Kellogg has deep pockets & teams of lawyers. We wanted to send a message that competition should take place in grocery aisles and in the hands of consumers, not in trying to bankrupt eachother through costly letter writing and unnecessary legal fees.”

So we did our homework, talked with our "team", and we knew our rights...
and we discussed how to craft an appropriate response letter. 


Friends, Naked Granola is a 2-person show.  Our division of responsibilities is basically: If it needs to taste good, it’s Hitham’s job.  If it needs to look good, it’s my Job.” (Mark, Creative Director)   So this C&D response letter became a Creative Project, just like any other. I posed the question: How do we communicate our message (the response letter) in a way that’s consistent with our core values and our brand?  To be authentic to who we are as people and to who/what Naked Granola is, this letter couldn't possibly be a boring, obfuscated 2 page legal memo… it needed to be human: soulful, witty, intelligent, & full-color. 

So we present to you, our reply to BEAR NAKED's Cease & Desist letter.
We think you'll find it informational and quite hilarious.

... did I mention it's illustrated? and set in Comic Sans?  
(Yeah.. we went there.)

Enjoy :-)

Download the entire letter 

...Stay Tuned!



Written by Mark Agrusti — March 18, 2015

Oh No! We've been threatened by a Bear!

February 27th, 2015

Dear friends,

This week we received a fascinating letter today from a law office representing BEAR NAKED INTERNATIONAL.

The letter, posted below, accuses Naked Granola of trademark infringement, being "confusingly similar" to BEAR NAKED products, and (entertainingly) cybersquatting.

We want to assure you that we take legal & business matters very seriously, and we're investigating this matter fully.

The BEAR NAKED trademarks extend only to the words "BEAR NAKED", and do not include the word "GRANOLA", so we're not terribly worried about this letter. 

Maybe our recent growth-spurt has woken a sleeping bear?


... stay tuned!



Download C&D Letter PDF

Written by Mark Agrusti — February 27, 2015

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