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Naked Granola, LLC.
Granola Cookies & Bagged Granola.
"You are what you eat," I thought while packing my son's lunchbox for school one morning. That day, I decided that my children's bellies should be filled with the beneficial wonders of nature, not chemistry.  So I started making naked foods: foods so close to their natural state that they have nothing to hide.  The Naked Granola that you hold today is part of my ongoing mission to provide the purest, simplest, and most delicious natural foods to fuel your healthy love, work, and play. Nothing but wholesome ingredients - Food that we can trust.  
I hope you find this granola as enriching for your soul as it is for your body. 

Naked Granola Management Team
Hitham Hiyajneh - V.P. Sales

Naked Foods

Organic Oats
Natural Flavors
No Trans Fats
No Egg or Dairy
Low Fat
High in Fiber
Made with Love!

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